Saturday, January 14, 2012

Vintage Heirloom Dress

I officially made my very first baby outfit today! I adored the vintage heirloom dress pattern over on craftiness is not optional . I dug through my stash of vintage fabric and buttons and set to work. I'm very pleased considering this is my first go at a baby outfit and I drafted the pattern from an existing t shirt I had bought. I know I've made tons of doll clothes and drafted patterns by draping, but this just felt so different. Maybe because a living thing will be wearing this dress! I learned a few things and hope to give another a go.Vintage Heirloom Dress

Back of Vintage Heirloom DressThis should fit a 3-6 month old Hamster! I'm super proud and can't wait to take photos! I modified the pattern just a bit. I didn't have as much fabric as the pattern called for so my skirt is not as full, but I actually like it that way. The bodice is also fully lined in that golden fabric! The buttons are from my favorite vintage button jar! The ones that are usually too precious to use on things! I figured this called for something extra special.

Back of Vintage Heirloom Dress

I didn't have a zipper the right size and didn't really think a zipper was called for so I altered the pattern and added a snap at the top of the neck. I also added the little pleat at the back for shape.

It was so much fun I think I'll try another in a smaller size! I have tons of vintage fabric begging to be worn!


Digital Misfit said...

Yay! It is beautiful, and Hamster will be so cute wearing it!

Jess@craftiness is not optional said...

so cute! It is so fun making clothes for wee ones!