Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life Book Assignment One!

I won a spot on Tam's (Willowing) class Life Book a while ago and it has begun! Lots of assignments and the class will last a whole year! I know around May I will fall behind with the arrival of Hamster, but I can enjoy working on it until then. I already finished my first assignment. Each assignment will be an art journal spread that will be bound together in the end to form a big lovely book!

Our first lesson also asked us to explore our "Goddess Superpowers" or positive qualities. I like learning more about myself and these little tie in's really make me think. At first I couldn't come up with anything! No, really, nothing. So I changed my way of thought and decided to think of what other people, family and friends, would say were my positive qualities. After some thought I came up with a nice little list. We were asked to incorporate them into the art work. I think it is a great way to include journaling in the spreads. I Celebrate...
I've never been great at 3/4 facing portraits, but it was a learning process! I'm very happy with my shading even though this photo doesn't do it justice. No natural light so I used my bright studio light. I'm very happy with her overall and am learning to embrace the little quirks in the faces I draw.

I can't wait to have a big beautiful book at the end!


Barbara/myth maker said...

Wow, what a fun project. Looking forward to seeing more. What you've done is great. Happy journaling!

Digital Misfit said...

Yay! Congrats on finishing project #1! She is beautiful. You should never have trouble coming up with positive qualities about yourself - I could fill up a whole book with your awesomeness!
Big hugs!