Sunday, January 1, 2012

WIP Sunday: Happy New Year!

A huge Happy New Year to everyone from this little lady! Last night was spent ringing in the new year with my family. Fondue, games, and giggles were had by all. Yesterday I took it easy and spent the day sewing away! I made some great progress on the Grinch quilt which will be ready in time for Christmas next year (insert eye roll here ;) WIP Grinch Quilt

After snapping this shot of the quilt on my design wall I managed to sew all of those 3.5 in. squares together and start on the appliqueing of the panel blocks. It will be a finished top in no time now!

I also worked a bit on my latest project for the art center. I volunteered to head up a "chair" ity auction! We had lots of children's sized chairs left over from when the center was a library. They didn't work with our art tables and were just taking up space. We also needed a way to bring in some money to help fund a Smithsonian exhibit our center was chosen to host this spring. The exhibit is called "Key Ingredients" and pertains to the food traditions of the US and local traditions especially. We are honored to get to host it and I knew I could help. I gave out "a baker's dozen" chairs to local artists to decorate in a food theme. They will be silent auctioned off for a month at the center and the final day will come during our annual event called Soups On, where we serve soup, breads, and desserts to the community to warm up the winter! I decided to make my chair into a giant cupcake!Cupcake Chair

Excuse the crappy dungeon photo! The bottom is all pleated to resemble the wrapper! The top is a tie on cushion. The next step is to turn the back of the chair into a giant dollop of whipped cream with a cherry on top! Oh, and don't forget the sprinkles! I'll post photos of my finished chair and other chairs done for the auction when they are all turned in at the center!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable New Year and has plenty to look forward to in 2012! Time to go get started on the Life Book course over on Willowing.ning!

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LimeRiot said...

Oh wow! That Grinch quilt is going to be epic!

Happy 2012!!