Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why I Love My Job On Days Like This

No one loves their job everyday. I really love my job on days like today where I was able to be super creative and even a little crafty on the job! I spent the morning creating a fairy house! The afternoon was spent making the fairy garden and another house for a larger fairy garden project. You may remember seeing the fairy garden I made last year. It sold super quick, so this year I will be creating 3!Clay Pot Fairy Garden
I found a broken clay pot to transform this year. I made mushrooms using the lovely and talented Knickertwist's tutorial from her blog. They look right at home in this little magical place.Fairy house Close Up
The base of the house is a small tin birdhouse with moss, twigs, bark, and a snail shell door handle.Fairy Chair
I created a little chair from a doll house miniature and some wire from the craft store. I wanted a bit more "handmade" than just the bench.
Fairy Garden Close Up
The arbor is twigs from my in laws weeping birch tree. I can't wait to watch as the season progresses and see how the plants grow and flower. I choose plants that will stay dainty, but fill in nicely. Miniature gardening is a lot of fun! I'm betting this won't stay around too long once things are for sale and I'll miss it when it is gone, but I'm sure someone will give it a good home and find a fairy to take up residence in it!


Digital Misfit said...

I want to steal one across the border with me! Damn laws forbidding dirt etc. ugh!
I LOVE it so much.

Knickertwist said...

Oh yay! It's gorgeous. *dreamy sigh*