Monday, March 19, 2012

WIP Sunday: More Magical Fairy Garden!

Sunday was so splendidly warm I didn't stay inside long enough to blog so I got up extra early today to write a post! Took the fur monster for a walk yesterday and sat in the sunshine!

I created another fairy garden at work last week! This one is a larger scale and was so much fun to do. I made an old steel wheelbarrow the new home to this magical fairy abode.Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden
The house is actually a gourd that we grew in our garden! My little sister got in on the action and helped me create a perfect fairy living place from twigs, bark, pine cones, and moss. Also a few more of the Knickertwist inspired toadstools!
Fairy Gourd House
Here is a side view of the wee window!

Fairy Gourd House Side

I also made a tiny gazebo for the fairies to lounge in! As the season goes on that little vine will cover it up and create some lovely shade.

Fairy Gazebo

I'm off to get my hands dirty again today! Enjoy the spring weather everyone and keep an eye out for fairies!