Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIP Sunday: Wednesday IS The New Sunday

So it is Wednesday. I've been so insanely busy! I'm working on projects left and right trying to get some fun stuff done before Hamster arrives and working 2 jobs. I'll be done with one job soon so that should free up a bit of time for me. We are working on finishing up her room and getting some last minute things. I feel so unprepared! I'm sure that is totally normal and after one last road trip this weekend I'm hoping to feel a bit more "ready". We'll be picking up a few more needed things.
On Saturday I spent the day at the sewing machine and finished up the X-quisitly Amazing quilt top! It came out so lovely!The colors and fabrics blended just how I wanted them to! I'll be taking it to the long arm quilter soon.

X-Quisity Amazing Quilt Top

On Sunday, after cleaning house, I spent the afternoon catching up on Doctor Who and stitching like crazy! 6 episodes of the Doctor can make stitching fun! This is the WIP pic I snapped while watching episode 5. The finished piece is for NerdySewist on flickr for the Hoop Up and Send swap!WIP for NerdySewist
Rainbow spools! Oh, and yes those needles are all stitched up in metallic silver floss!

I also worked on Heidi's super humongous surprise of awesome! I'm calling it something different each time to confuse her. ;) I'm hoping tomorrow is another productive day with maybe getting up early to work on a little something special for my little sis. We'll see how Hamster allows me to sleep tonight!


Digital Misfit said...

The suspense of the mystery surprise is starting to kill me! You don't want me to die now, do you? :P
Mom's quilt is just so beautiful. Thank you for making such an amazing gift for her. She will cry.

Zombie Queen said...

That quilt top is gorgeous! I'm always so jealous of people's superb quilting skills. I've always wanted to give quilting a try. That embroidery is adorable! The metallic floss was a nice touch. I can assure you that feeling unprepared is totally normal. Hell, I STILL feel unprepared half the time and my kiddos aren't babies anymore. ;)