Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cha Ching!

Cha Ching!
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Work is crazy! Ten hour days of delivering planters and planting yards! I'm so beat! I started a small project for a crafty friend (Alexz) and have started sketching ideas out for a couple other projects for another crafty friend (Angelica). Now to just find the time to work on them! My yard is in deperate need of a weeding and I need to bring my planters home from work. The house inside is a complete mess too! Working all these hours gets me so behind.
The picture is our actual cash register at work. The newer electronic ones don't last because of the heat, humidity, and dirt. This one is so antique! It makes that great CHA CHING sound when you open it. I took the pic and edited it in photo scape for the fun of it. Yes, we write up each ticket by hand because the cash register only goes up to about $5.00!

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