Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fuck Cancer

Fuck cancer. This terrible disease has taken many from my family. It has taken many people I know. It has also not taken some super strong fighters. People who can endure anything. People who hold their head high and kick cancer's ass. Even if cancer took you that doesn't mean you weren't a fighter. Sometime it just gets the jump. So since I can't cure cancer I can fight it the best way I know how. With love and quilts.

I sat with my Grandpa through every chemo treatment, doctor appointment, and everything in between . I couldn't stop the disease. I couldn't stop him leaving us, but I could help someone else that has to go through the same shit. I decided to make a quilt to donate to the 2016 Bra's for a Cause auction. This local group donates countless hours to organizing events to raise money and awareness in my community. The best part is all the money stays local! No big wigs in suits getting a paycheck, just some really dedicated people trying to help out those in need. This group helps out with gas cards, paying bills, wonderful little care packages for those receiving chemo and so much more. So with them in mind I reached out to my quilting guru to help me design a quilt setting for some fabrics I had. She designed the perfect setting and I created 13 different pieced blocks from patterns I found mainly on Pinterest.

I called the quilt "Let the Love Shine" and donated it to the auction in memory of my Grandpa. The night of the auction I was filled with nerves. I wanted it to bring in as much money as possible to go to help people that have to kick cancer's ass. My Grandma came armed with a pocket full of money to try to buy it back. I secretly hoped she wouldn't have enough money. I wanted it to go for more than she could afford. I stood in tears as the bidding began and watched people bid away. In the end it went to a guy standing in the back for $725! I have never been so overjoyed. I don't know the guy who bought it, but I sure hope it is being loved and enjoyed. 

I also decided to celebrate the day my Grandpa passed by delivering 16 fleece kitty ear hats to that local cancer center. The staff their was so amazing in caring for my Grandpa and making sure the rest of us were alright too. I wanted to be able to brighten the day of someone that has to sit in one of those chairs waiting to get better. Maybe keep their head warm in the process. I was very hard to walk through those doors that day, but I did it and am super thankful that I did. I will be doing it again soon with another batch of fuzzy hats. 

Now another family member is fighting the fight. I can't make people better, but I can share my talents. I started working on a small wall hanging/table topper to donate to the benefit auction they will be holding on April 1st. Since I got to have a snow day this week I almost finished it! Just need quilted and binding and it will be ready to go. I sure hope it brings in a ton of money to help offset travel costs and such. Stay tuned for a finished photo of this little quilt! 

Share your talents, donate to a local organization when you can and remember Fuck cancer! 

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