Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lampy Love

lamps 001
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Okay so I've been going a little nutty lately over vintage lamps. Hubby isn't impressed with my new love, but he can just deal! This was lamp #2 of the summer of yard sales. I only paid $1!!!!! In perfect working order with glass light bulb reflector and original shade. The swirly part is made out of solid wood. The base is cast iron under what appears to be a tin plate. This sucker is HEAVY!!!! Perfect condition from top to bottom. Lights up nicely too. *I think I'm in love*
If you want to see lamp #1 go to my flickr account. why are the lamps from yesteryear so much nicer than today's garbage?

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Digital Misfit said...

Awesome vintage find! I have a thing for unique retro lamps too. That one has such a stunning wood pole!