Thursday, August 14, 2008

Odin's Tree Quilt

quilt 004
Originally uploaded by AlwaysInspired

So I'm not really a quilter, but when inspiration hits I usually follow it. I made this for a swap, but I just had to share it. The tree represents the tree Odin was hung on for 9 days in Norse mythology. During those 9 days he learned the Runes, which are quilted around the edge of the quilt. On the tree is a bird, squirrel, and lizard to represent the different elements. I appliqued the tree, leaves, and creatures on to the quilt top and left the edges raw so they will fray a bit for texture. The back is the solid brown you see around the edges. The Runes are quilted in a very cool fall toned variegated thread. I'm super proud of this and can't wait to send it off.

For closer pics click on the picture to visit my flickr site.


Digital Misfit said...

AI, that is a stunningly gorgeous quilt. Love the subtle detail of the runes around the border. The tree is just beautiful - you have a VERY lucky partner!

Eliea said...

this really is a stunning quilt! I love the tree even though I don't really know anything about mythology!
So I'll just admire the pretty aspect of the quilt(all of it) and the time you put into it. :)
Great job!
You give me hope that I could do something like this one day.