Saturday, February 14, 2009

What a haul!

First off let me say Happy Valentine's to all! This has been a wonderful day for me! I received a huge box full of fabric from the International Stash Busting Giveaway! I ended up winning 2 wonderful stashes! This picture is all of the fabric I won from 2 wonderful bloggers!
The huge box I received today was from Fanny over at! Such a wonderful variety of stuff! I already have plans for a few of the bigger pieces.
The stack on top of the bigger pieces is from a wonderful blog!
You were both so generous to take part in this giveaway! I totally appreciate it since my stash in small! Keep an eye out for lots of goodies to be made from this wonderful haul! Thanks ladies!


Shadows of the goddess designs said...

awesome stash to create with

Jeanie said...

Hi! You have won the Jinny Beier book at my One World drawing! Please either leave your address on or e-mail (or both!)

Congratulations! (I'm loving all the knits!)