Sunday, May 24, 2009

All dolled up

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I'm not usually a fan of pictures of myself, but playing around with the camera the other day I actually found a pic I like. I was wanting to show off my cute hair do and the poppy clips that a dear friend (Digital Misfit aka Heidi) made for me. I wore them to a board meeting for the art center and got many compliments!
On the crafting front I have tomorrow off and plan to finish up my package for the invite your partner swap. I also want to start work on my personal swap package for the fantatic Woodland_Faerie. I have so many wonderful ideas for her! I was going to post a teaser pic of her doll's beginings, but remembered she reads my blog so everyone will have to wait until the doll is done and in it's new home!

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Pretty Things said...

I like it! You have a great retro vibe going on there with the hair and the pins and the pretty lipstick!