Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rainbow Rug

Rainbow Rug
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I know I promised vacay pics, but I just haven't uploaded them yet! So I bring you my largest swap item ever! I made this rug, with a lot of help from my Mom, for Jenicat in the last invite your partner swap. I chained yards and yards of yarn together and Mom made it into a rug. It took more hours than I care to share! My Mom makes these rugs as gifts all the time. I have 3 in my house. I saw something similar on Jeni's wists and just knew I had to make it for her! It is made from scraps of acrylic yarn and they wash just wonderfully. I wash the 2 in my kitchen every couple of weeks and they don't look any worse for the wear. I just had to share this huge accomplishment! If you want to see a close up head on over to flickr!

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Eliea said...

that is amazing! We had some rugs simillar to this growing up. I have no idea how mom had the patience to do it.
Perhaps it's a mom thing? ;)