Sunday, August 9, 2009

Roamy Rides Again!

Roamy, buckle up!
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If you've read my blog before chances are you've seen Roamy Gnomey. I blogged about his trip to our state capitol last October. He's a silly sort of gnome. Always curious and a total camera hog. He came along on our week long vacation to Glacier National Park and many stops along the way. I thought it was about time Roamy had his own feature on my blog. If you'd like to see and read the backstory behind Roamy head over to my flickr account and check out the adventures of Roamy Gnomey picture set.
Each Sunday I'll post pics of Roamy's adventures. The first many will be his trip through Montana all the way to Glacier. After that who knows where Roamy will roam next!
Roamy was so excited to head off on our trip that he bounced around the car for the first part of the journy, until he was told that it just isn't safe! He buckled up shortly after. Our first stop was Havre, Montana. Roamy enjoyed seeing a working train yard, and riding a smaller version. To see those pics check out flickr!

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