Sunday, November 15, 2009

Feeling Foxy

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I don't normally condone putting pics of myself anywhere. I've never really liked pics of me, but this one makes me happy! I couldn't waste a good hair and make up day! I'm sporting my new glasses that I only have to wear sometimes. New red lips as well. I was always too shy to wear the red lipstick, but now I can rock it! Just a little snippet of me.

I did get more things added back into the dungeon today as well. I also finished up the skirt to go around my art desk yesterday. I'll have a pic of that after I get my desk back in order. Tomorrow night is creating time. Hubby works until midnight. I get off work at 4 which is when he goes to work so I plan on spending time from 4-7 crafting for the IYP. I have to play darts tomorrow night, but I can do a lot in a good 3 hours!