Thursday, February 18, 2010

Art Therapy

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Tonight I was in need of some art therapy! Loooooooong day at work! I set myself to making some ATC's. ATC's are sort of like instant gratification. Even though some take me a long time to create I don't notice the time flying by. I can sit and work on a few cards and not even know three hours has passed and nor do I care. As I was bent over my work my hair dangled in my paint! It was just so pretty when I sat up that I had to take a photo. Silly I know, but I was zoned. I snapped a few pics and then washed it out. Sort of sad to see it go.
If you'd like to see the atc's I created I will post a mosaic of them tomorrow.

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priti.lisa said...

Of course I would love to see your cards :)
That skirt you made is to die for
xox, Lisa