Saturday, February 27, 2010

My ATC Collection Has A New Home!

ATC Display
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I've been trading ATC's now for awhile and have gotten a very nice collection. I wanted a way to display them so that I could look at them daily. My office was in need of some new art as I was tired of looking at the art that I had on the walls. Old paintings I did from high school. I'm done looking at them for a while! I bought three packs of three wooden rulers from the dollar store. I didn't like the raw wood look so I aged them with an acrylic wash and my distress inks. Each ruler sits on two little nails like a shelf. The ATC's sit so great in the groove in the ruler! Now I can rearrange and enjoy my collection! I can fit four cards on each ruler, but for now with a smaller collection I have them a bit more spread out. I plan on going to get more rulers tomorrow to add another row and start on the wall that my desk is on!


Riechan said...

that's a great idea to use those rulers as shelves.
I have wanted to try out ATC making for a while now, haven't been able to yet. But I will! (when vacation starts...)

The Paper Princess said...

What an awesome & unique idea! I love making & trading ATCs and am always looking for a good way to display them before they go into my storage binder - usually they sit on display in front of my computer monitor or inks for awhile until the new ones come in - but this is so much cooler! Thanks for the inspiration - and thanks for visiting Create With Joy during OWOH!

Ramona :-)

AlwaysInspired said...

Glad everyone likes my display! I'm so loving getting to see them all. I plan to leave them all on display. I can't bear to put any away. I'll just keep filling up that wall and the next so I can have them all out. If all else fails I do have another wall. LOL