Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Woodland Faeries Goodies!

I made some wonderful fairy goodies for my friend Woodland Faerie. I thought it would be fun to share them. I'll try to share the things she sent to me in return in the next few days if I can get some sunlight to take pictures.

I made her a messenger bag using a photo of her as my inspiration. I took a silhouette photo of her that she had from camping and turned her into a fairy applique for the bag!

I also made her a skirt based on one from her wists. My pictures don't do it justice! I'm hoping she take an action shot soon to share with me! It is on a muslin base with tons of vintage lace, cheesecloth, and other bits and bobs. I did free motion sewing to create texture. I dyed it in coffee and a touch of Rit dye. It was supposed to be brown, but came out sort of lavenderish. Still very pretty.

I also made her some tiny clay mushrooms and an inchie fairy house, but I didn't get pics of those things before I sent!

Hopefully the sun shines tomorrow so I can snap some pics of my goodies!

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