Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meat Loaf

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Finally I can share the doll I've been working on! It is the wonderful singer Meat Loaf! Alexz requested him and I was more than happy to take on the challenge. I'm a sucker for details and I knew I could pack lots into this doll. She showed me several reference pics and I choose one and went from there. Meat's shirt has the wee ruffles, pearl buttons, and pearl button cuffs. There is velcro behind the buttons down the front and snaps behind them on his cuffs. I can't do button holes that tiny! He also has suspenders that are stitched to his pants in the back and snap to the inside of his pants in the front. I even made them cross in the back! The vest was tough, but I love the way it came out. Only took two tries to get the back right. Meat wears tux pants so I had to put the black satin stripe down each side, just like real tux pants. He also has black leather boots. Alexz mentioned that he must have his red scarf so I whipped that up too. His arms and fingers are all wired to pose and his eyes are inset. I also did a slightly sculpted mouth. He was so much fun to make and he lives in a wonderful home now with Alexz! She loves him just as much as I loved making him! If you 'd like to see more pics and some close ups you can visit my flickr.


priti.lisa said...

He is fabulous!
Happy weekend, xo

Linda Ledbetter said...

Oh! This is the COOLEST doll I've ever seen!!! Way to (ahem) ROCK the art of doll making!

Barbara/myth maker said...

What a great job... I love Meatloaf!

AlwaysInspired said...

Thanks everyone!

janil said...