Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Colorful Day

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I just wanted to share this photo I took at the stitching workshop at the art center. It makes me smile and I'm sure it makes some other stitchers happy as well! I'm still crafting away, but unable to share the things I'm working on as they are for swaps.
I teach a class at the art center the 12th-15th on ATC's. Should be fun! I started on some examples for it. Each day the kids will learn a new technique. Some of the techniques are new for me as well. We're doing image transfers, layering, and some textures I've never tried before.
I'm also stitching up a sampler for a friend. She bought the pattern ages ago and doesn't really like to embroider. It is a very primitive sampler and will be done in no time.
Go out and have a colorful day!

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