Saturday, July 17, 2010

Give Away Idea

In approx. 2 more posts (after this one) it will be my 333 blog post! I've been toying around with the idea of holding a "333 half evil giveaway" to celebrate this momentous event! I want to make a OOAK prim for the occasion, but just can't decide on what to make. I want to go creepy cute, hence the half evil.
Maybe you remember Dead Ted. Perhaps a zombie would do the trick?
Dead Ted
The Count is a favorite of mine. A vampire perhaps?
The Count
Skeletons are always spooky, and I've worked up a new pattern much different from this little guy.
creepy 007
These are just ideas. The giveaway prim would be different from any of these because it would be OOAK of course! Is there some creepy cute confection I didn't list that you'd like to see metake on?
So what half evil minion would you like to come and live with you?


Avery said...

I really love the vampire! But I would love to see your take on a mummy or werewolf, or heck, even a pumpkin headed character (I am positive that anything you take on will be fantab!).


priti.lisa said...

I think half evil would have to include a tarnished halo, or at least some broken wings :)
But, you are the artist, go where your muse takes you...Can't wait to see it...and what a great idea...333!

Alexz said...

I would like one of each please. ;)

haha, I think a yeti would be awesome!

Okay, okay, I will be serious now. I agree with Avery on the werewolf or pumpkin headed figure. Witches are good and a cute devil would fit the half-evil theme. A grim reaper might be cool too! Or creature from the black lagoon! Okay, I am going to stop now.

janil said...

The vampire is wonderful!!!! Congratulations!!!

Digital Misfit said...

well you know the vampire is my fave, but a creepy cute critter would rock! Zombie platypus perhaps? Or a vampire narwhal? :P

Kira said...

Hehehe! 333 half evil! I love that. I really like the skeleton guy, with vampire at a close second :)