Friday, July 9, 2010

Textile Art Page

Textile Art Page
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Our art center is displaying the embroidery works of artist Anne Greenwood.
Her art, "Winter Count", is a set of 40 embroideries detailing her life from beginning to present day. She also hosted a 3 day stitching workshop at our art center. Anne is collecting pages for a textile book depicting people, place, and pattern. Anne wanted bits of our local heritage to be reflected in each page. She will assemble the book and it will return to us to be on display in an exhibition at the art center.
For my page I dug through the fabric scraps that were supplied and found this wonderful vintage place mat sized runner with some little coffee stains. The outside area remind me of honey comb. Our area is a huge honey producer. I also clearly remember laying in the grass as my great grandparent's farm and looking for four leaf clovers. I would take them in to Grandma and she would press them in her "big book". I've always had a special place for clover in my heart. I found the quote and thought it fit perfectly. I also identify as a "prairie girl". I tried living in the mountains and couldn't hack it. They are beautiful, but just not for me. I need to see for miles and miles. I wanted a very sampler look for my piece so I did the quote in my hand writing with a single strand of floss and back stitch. The clover and bee are back stitch and split stitch with 3 strands. I then used water colors to paint the clover and bee. I can't wait to see the finished book. We had a wonderful group of stitchers! If you'd like to see close ups of my page you are welcome to check out my flickr.

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Zombie Queen said...

That piece is so beautiful. I think you totally captured that "prairie girl" feel