Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I'm an Artist

I am an artist. I have always been an artist. I consider myself an artist no matter how many pieces I've sold, places I've displayed, or fame I've achieved. Being an artist involves passion. I have that passion. It burns hot and sometimes over takes all other things. To me, that is what makes you an artist. Do you love what you create? Do you love the time you get to have creating? Does what you create make you/others feel something? Then you are an artist. Even if you never show another living human what you have created. I have been creating for as long as I can remember. Always making something. It makes my heart happy and my mind sing.

Landing on a medium has never been my forte. I love to try everything! Even if I fail at it at least I gave it a try! I know what I am strongest at and tend to migrate towards those types of things. Over the last four years as a parent I have yearned for things that don't require a billion supplies, long dry times, tons of heavy materials to drag around. I've transitioned from doll making to strictly quilting and occasional clothes for the kiddo. I haven't dabbled in paints for a long while because of the mess. A joy came to me 4 years ago as of February 2nd (Facebook informed me). I began to explore Zentangle. I used a book at first and then found a class taught by a certified teacher. I explored on Pinterest. All that is needed is a pen and paper! How perfect is that! It is a project I can work on and set aside at anytime to attend to the kiddo or whatever else needs my attention. I fell in love with the meditative pen strokes.
My very first tangle! 

Intergalactic Triptych 

I have been doing these pieces pretty consistently for the last 4 years, taking more classes when I can and exploring further on the internet. I have started experimenting with my own style in the last year. A pen obsession began! Gelly Roll pens look amazing on black paper and I started toying with them first. Then a couple weeks ago inspiration hit and I began tangling on hand painted galaxy back grounds and photos of the beautiful North Dakota landscape. I've come a long way!

I've had secret aspirations to show these pieces. Share them with the public. Thoughts started swirling about getting them into a gallery showing. My confidence was a bit shaky. The time involved with each piece varies, but is usually a considerable amount. Could I create enough pieces to accommodate a showing? I just put my mind to creating some each day for 2017. At least starting one somethings even if it wasn't completed. Maybe my dream would come true. 

Across the Universe

Then it happened. A message from a gallery owner on Instagram! It just so happens to be my favorite gallery in Rapid City, South Dakota! She complimented me on my art and asked if I would ever consider showing some in her gallery. I was stunned. I'm not even sure how to describe what I felt. Overwhelming is all I can think of. So tonight I sat down and took stock of what I have made to start framing pieces for my very first (showing at the gallery I volunteer at doesn't count) gallery showing! 
Selected pieces will be delivered to the gallery over spring break. If you are in the Rapid City area stop in to Shaviq Studio & Gallery (626 Saint Joseph St. Rapid City, SD) to see and purchase my works. Like the gallery on Facebook too. I am so over the moon that someone saw something in what I create to ask me to share my work. This is a huge life milestone for me. I am beyond proud of myself for daring to dream. 

Gallery Website: http://www.shaviq.biz/

My Instagram where I post all of my art: https://www.instagram.com/alwaysinspiredmomma/

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