Sunday, February 19, 2017

Why Not!

Just before Christmas I was able to cross off something big from my "bucket list". It may seem silly to some, but all I wanted was to be in a room with a person I admire. I admire him for the things he has created, all the laughter he brings, his can do attitude, the way he creates what he wants knowing that someone out there will love it as much as he does. This man is Kevin Smith. Most think of him as the master teller of dick and fart jokes. The stoner who makes silly movies. I think of him as a creative genius and all around wonderful person.

This is us seconds after making it on the plane 
The husband and I made a journey to Denver that was fraught with peril. Bad things happened before we even started the journey. We braved awful winter weather to see a friend laid to rest. An unexpected and unwelcome start to a journey that was supposed to be full of joy and fun. Many tears were shed, hugs were given, and re connections made. Even though this terrible thing began the trip we were determined to make the most of it. Upon arriving at the airport and being told we were late and they wouldn't take our pre checked baggage we were in panic. A phone call to the angel of the trip who swooped in and snagged our luggage as we dashed through security and made it to our seats seconds before they closed the door. 

We arrived in Denver with the clothes on our backs and my purse! It was a fast trip through the airport with no baggage in tow. Luckily the angel was driving to Denver with our bags! 

The day came for us to see Kevin Smith live! With friends in tow we enjoyed a wonderful sushi dinner and it was time for the show. Our seats were amazing! The first show was a live recording of a podcast I listen to called Jay and Silent Bob Get Old. There they were my heroes since I was 13 years old and saw the movie Clerks. The local video store used to call me with new releases and I'll never forget the day they called and said they had a new movie in they thought i'd enjoy. I rode my bike downtown and it changed my life. With Clerks and a bag full of gummy worms I went home to watch a movie that shaped my thoughts on comedy. 

We had tickets to see the 2nd show as well. We were moved up closer to the stage! Kevin Smith was standing less than 10 feet in front of me, mic in hand. I wasn't brave enough to get up to ask him a question, and I knew he wouldn't have time to answer many. Sitting in that seat with my husband and friends around me my life changed for the better. He spoke of surrounding himself with "Why Not people". People who encourage, support, and help you accomplish all those silly dreams. Stop letting the why people make you feel like you don't have anything to contribute. As I looked over at the face of the person who has now become my biggest Why Not person I knew this was the beginning of something great. 

I have adopted Why Not! as my mantra for the year, and hopefully the rest of my life. Why Not try something new? I put an exclamation point behind it because it is a statement not a question. It just is. It is a way of life. Why Not work hard on the things you enjoy the most. Why Not think of new ways to create. Why Not spend time doing what you love. Why Not make those dreams come true. 

I have repeated this phrase to myself and have used it to encourage others. Why Not make something, Why Not try it, Why Not make yourself better, Why Not begin a new journey. Why Not has begot some pretty amazing things for me lately. Some opportunities I never dreamed possible. 

Try it! Tell yourself Why Not when you think of something new. Tell someone else Why Not when they come to you with a dream. Stop asking Why and start saying Why Not. See what happens.

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AlphaBetsy said...

This was a super inspiring post. Kevin Smith is one of my favorite people as well, and this touched me right in my heart. Thank you for this.