Friday, February 17, 2017

It's Been A While

Ok so maybe a little more than "a while". More like 4 years! Where has the time gone? Well many places I guess. Time has been devoted to raising a little girl, creating much more art, volunteering, being a wife, working, trying to be a better human. You know the usual. Recently I wrote a piece to contribute to a new blog a friend started. I did it on a whim. The subject matter inspired me and I couldn't help, but sit down and tap something out. After it was posted I received overwhelming positive feedback to it! People were inspired! People were proud of me! People were asking why I don't do it more! Want to read what I wrote there hop on over to the blog and take a look.

I was inspired to once again dust off the blog and start posting! I won't bore you with a long story of the last 4 years. Instead how about a picture?

Remember that little 4 month old in the last blog post? She is now 4 years old! So grown up! In preschool and flourishing. Want to know something that makes me insanely proud other than the fact that I made her? She is an artist! I can't wait to share some of her art here along side my own. One day she will look back at these posts and know just how proud I really am of her. The kiddo is stubborn, smart, has a wonderful sense of humor (she is my kid for sure as she enjoys a good fart joke), talented, and kind. (I'm probably a bit biased.)

Sometimes she is a zombie. 

Sometimes I am her victim. Most days she is just a super bright eyed little girl. 

If you read the linked blog post up top you have figured out that I've went through a pretty big change too. Sometimes I'm a Timelord. Most days I'm just a Mom trying to be the best dang Mom I can be. 

For the next few posts I'll be catching people up on some milestone projects I've done over the last couple years. Maybe I'll share some musings if I get inspired. My mantra of 2017 is "Why Not". These 2 little words have become a very important aspect of my life over the last couple of months. Stay tuned to hear a little about "Why Not". 
If you want to browse some photos of what I've been up to find me on Instagram as Alwaysinspiredmomma. I've been posting my art and life daily there for the last several years. Lots to catch up on. 

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