Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ride or Die

Things are shaping up for the showing at the gallery in South Dakota! I have 6 pieces framed and am hoping to get around 5 more done before they have to be delivered. This opportunity has brought me so much excitement and happiness, not to mention a little stress. I am so thankful for the chance to share my art with others! In the process of working towards so many big things I've realized just how important my friends are.

A great friend saved me by designing this business card for me!

I have a pretty small group of people I'd consider my friends and I'm alright with that. Of course we all have hundreds of Facebook friends we "catch up with" on a daily basis. Reading their status updates, looking at memes they have shared, maybe liking a photo of their kids, but these people aren't really our ride or dies. This phrase has taken on a very special and important meaning to me. A ride or die is a person that will be there until the end. Someone you talk to on a daily basis, even if it is just a silly exchange or a goofy snap chat. A person who is quick to shoot you a Why Not when you need it most. Someone who reminds you "you got this" even when you think you are so far from getting it. Lending an ear, cracking a joke, checking in, cheering you on. Those are the things we all need in a ride or die.

I am lucky to have my ride or dies. I am thankful I have found people who believe in me even when I'm doubting myself. I am grateful for each day of their friendship. These people make me a better person. Making sure I return all of the things they offer to me has become an important part of my day. Thinking of others instead of focusing on myself, even if I'm handling a lot at the moment, has helped me become more grounded. Some I don't speak to everyday, but I know at a moments notice they are there if I need them. I strive to be as good a friend in return.

Friends come and go. Things change, people change. Let's all take a minute to be thankful for the people that we have in our lives that make us who we are. Don't take for granted the people you cherish. Check in! Reach out! Don't think, "I'll do it tomorrow." Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Maybe they are a new friend, an old friend, or someone you want to be a friend. Don't hesitate. You will never know just how important someone is if you don't make the connection.

As I've waded through the stress of being back at my seasonal job, handling daily adult type chores, starting many new things, and keeping up my promise to myself to create I have my ride or dies to fall back on. Bounce ideas off of. Share a giggle. These are the most important things in life. So if I count you among my ride or dies know I am here. Near or far. Always. Never hesitate to reach out to me. Never question our friendship. You are my number one ride or die.

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