Thursday, July 31, 2008

Crafty Crazy

Yet again I have buried myself under a mountain of crafts and I love it! I'm doing 2 organized swaps right now. I also have a personal swap in the works, but the time frame on that is pretty open. I am also going to be organizing my very first swap on It is a Kevin Smith and related movies swap! I love anything and everything Kevin Smith so I thought this would be great for my first swap to organize. I'm not starting that until later in August though so I do have some time.
I've also started Christmas/Yule crafting. Each person usually gets 2 gifts. Some get 2 crafted items others get only 1. I also have those few people who don't take to crafted gifts so they get store bought crap LOL. Nothing is worse than a gift you slaved over getting that "uhhh thanks" and a roll of the eyes.
OOO I almost forgot I'm also embroidering a sampler for a Craftster challenge. It is going to be double duty as it is also going to be my Hubby's anniversary gift. It will be 3 lovely years married for us on August 13th!
Off to bed and then up bright and early for another day of juggling housework and crafting.

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