Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Poppet Creations # 2 and 3

Ollie and Ellie 021
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Well here are the next poppet creations I made. Ollie, the green one was my little sister's 7th Birthday present. She has since gotten a ton more outfits and a purse too. Ellie, the brown one was made for my cousin. My cousin is "special" and her and my sister are very close. My cousin is 16, but younger in actions so I made her this doll to be best friends with my sister's doll. I gave them to the girls on the same day and they loved it! They are made using the original poppet pattern. All the clothes on these 2 were patterns I made while winging it. The hair was so much fun. They each really took on a personality of their own. Ollie is outgoing and rambunctious like my sis and Ellie is quiet, but silly and giggly like my cousin.

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