Monday, July 21, 2008

First Poppet Creation

Jojo 007
Originally uploaded by AlwaysInspired
So now that I have the picture thing down I figured I'll start blogging my crafty creations. Most of my dolls are based on the poppet pattern found of I have modified the pattern several times and also used other peoples modifications. This was the first poppet I made. Her name is Jojo and she is totally punk rock. I made her as a gift for my cousin. For the clothes and accessories I usually just wing it. Jojo has a leather belt with loops and buckles (it is actually a dog collar), a studded choker (felt with sequins), earrings, and a faux hawk! I went doll making crazy after I made her. I didn't really even know how to use a sewing machine at the time, but now I'm a sewing whiz. To see more pictures of any of my Poppet creations click on the image and go to my flickr account. I have other pictures of Jojo on there right now and will also add pictures of my other poppets as I post them.

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