Saturday, October 25, 2008

Album from Korea

Album from Korea
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A while back I promised to blog some more of my vintage goodness. This is a yard sale find that is one of my favorites. I bought it from a little old man that told me he brought it back from Korea. Inside the 1st page says "Christmas 1951". The photos are long gone, but on a few of the velum cover pages there are love poems scrawled in a very hard to decipher script. So romantic! I can only imagine the woman that they were wrote for. I've managed to completely decipher 1 and part of another.
Going Away
When I'm gone and you're left behind
My love won't stop with the passing of time.
I may travel the ends of the Earth astray
But my love for you grows day by day.
The time that passes
The miles we're apart
Will only mean a lonely heart.

Isn't it just beautiful. Sappy I know, but the fact that a man wrote this for a woman is touching.
I will post the other when I get it figured out. It is even more romantic.

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