Friday, October 17, 2008

What a riot!!!

I just returned home from a little road trip with the hubby! We went and saw Carlos Mencia live! It was such a good time! Everyone needs to laugh like that. My stomach and face hurt from laughing so much! He did 2 hours and 10 minutes on stage and there were also 3 other comedians that performed and a DJ that did a really cool set. It was fantastic and I'll remember it forever!
In other news, I took some fun photos of Roamy Gnomey at the capitol building that I will be posting tomorrow. It was exciting and I can't wait to share.
I also got to go craft shopping while I was there! I bought fabric for 2 family tree quilts that are going to Aaron's grandparents for Christmas, some sculpy for me to play around making creepy doll faces, some jewelry findings including some kilt pins to decorate, and some canvas boards for stretching some embroidery projects!
Look for the pictures of Roamy Gnomy tomorrow!

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