Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween tree!

yea 003
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I just had to post a picture of my Halloween tree! It is newly decorated with mini creepy art dolls from a swap on Craftster.org.
The witchy on the top is from knickertwist in Ontario Canada, the day of the dead skelly on the right is from Lmcbride in Vermont, the voodoo doll to the left of skelly is from koalascout in Georgia, the skinny little faceless creep on the left is from scotskipper402 in Virginia, and last, but not least the green wicked witch on the bottom is from Carrieme in Florida! I love all my creepies so much I've joined the 2nd round of the swap to add to my tree!


Brook said...

ACK! I love that tree!!! so cute! I want a mini one like that!

JCJewelryDesign said...


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Shadows of the goddess designs said...

love the tree. I like the halloween ones better than the xmas ones :P