Friday, September 25, 2009

Another TTT5 Stitching

Day Of The Dead Lady
Originally uploaded by AlwaysInspired
Here is the Day of the Dead lady I stitched on Zombie_Queen's towel. I made her to match the gentleman that lilyvanilli had already stitched up. Lily found the large headed man on wikipedia. I couldn't find the matching lady so I took the original lady that I had already stitched up and altered the pattern. Did some drawing, tracing, and re drawing and came up with this. I love how it turned out and they match perfectly. I'm also proud that I used metallic floss! I bought some thread heaven and it makes the metallic floss a dream to work with! I used it for the seed stitching to fill in the dress. Gives it a great bit of sparkle. Her shoes are also metallic black to look like patent leather.
I'm stitching something Halloween inspired on the new towel I got. What fun! Can't wait to share.

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