Tuesday, September 15, 2009

JMAC Art Fest!

Sunflower Art
Originally uploaded by AlwaysInspired
I've been working like crazy to get our local art center's art fest to be a big deal this year. We were in danger of loosing it because of poor turnout last year. This year my wonderful committee has managed to turn it all around! We will have 24 vendors of different art and ethnic food. We will be having a live auction for the sunflower themed art as well. That part of the art fest has always made us a nice amount of money. With the wonderful variety we have had this year I think we'll make a good amount. The picture isn't all of the pieces, but a pretty good over veiw and all that I could fit into the frame. The next few days for me will be super busy. I have a taping for the local news tomorrow, a normal board meeting on Thursday, Friday night we are marking out booth spots at the park and getting tables and chairs ready to haul, and Saturday morning is set up and show time! I'm so excited and nervous as well! Here's hoping for a sunny day, lots of art buyers, and fun for all!


Mrs Knickertwist! said...

Good luck! Hope that everything turns out smashingly.

The stained glass sunflower thing on the right looks very pretty.

AlwaysInspired said...

Thanks! That stained glass piece was done by one of our committee members. He also happens to be my junior high art teacher! It has been so much fun working with him.

Pretty Things said...

Best of luck! Organizing those things takes a bazillion sleepless days and nights, don't they?

Emily said...

good luck!!