Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Fall!

The house is now all clean and tidy! My decorations are getting put out slowly! I normally like to take 1 day and do it all, but between working and stained glass classes I haven't had time to get them all up at once! Someone suggested that I post a couple of pictures of my fave decorations, I think I will when I get the house done. Some of my fave things are hand crafted.
In other news, my stained glass class is a blast! I'm doing a simpler geometric shape to get the hang of cutting the glass and stuff. It is turning out beautifully. I have to grind tonight at class. I'm already looking for the supplies online so I can do some at home after the classes end.
Oh, and on a bit of a bummer I saw SNOWFLAKES today! Uhg! We never get much of a fall, but I'm just hoping to not wake up to a white ground tomorrow! If it snows this early it usually never stays, but seeing snow now will NOT make me happy!
Off to grind some glass! I just keep thinking "Happy Fall"!

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