Thursday, September 23, 2010

Art Journal Page 4/5

Art Journal Page 3/4
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Another 2 page layout in my art journal. I think it helped me feel some closure on the art festival I organized for the art center. I used a flier that I had made up for the event and gessoed it into my journal. After lots of hours of doodling I have a zentagle with the flier underneath. I used a bit of distress inks to give it an aged look, but it doesn't come through in the picture very well.The art fest was successful and my art journal entry makes me feel like it is over. For this year at least!


Pretty Things said...

I clicked the photo to see it close up and WOW. Just wow wow WOW! I've done exactly one Zentangle (other than the larger model Crayon ones my son wanted us to do together after he saw me do the one) and I know how much work went into this. You must be so proud!

AlwaysInspired said...

Thanks so much! It took lots of time and it made me really happy!