Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hoop Up Block for Jessica

I finished another block for the Hoop Up and Send swap over on flickr. This one goes to Jmbmommy (Jessica). Her theme was quotes and after seeing her artsy quote I decided I'd go that way too. The quote is from Michelangelo. I found it searching art quotes. I immediately saw an image in my head and wanted it to look graffiti like. I think I nailed it. The font was found online. I didn't want to go too graffiti like and have a hard time stitching it. The brain was drawn from a reference photo online and then fill stitched with variegated pink thread to get the color differences. The color waves and puddle were drawn by me. I hope Jessica loves it as much as I loved stitching it. I could just touch that brain all day the texture is so cool!


AlphaBetsy said...

The brain is amazing!! And I love that quote.

Inez said...

What an awesome piece! I want to run my fingers over that brain, too.