Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Vintage Halloween!

I just received my package from my partner in the vintage Halloween swap on Craftster and I had to share. It totally made my day after a super long day at work.

The swap was only supposed to be 1 large item, but we decided to do 2 items.

First irid3sc3nt made me this amazing embroidered raven in a vintage style frame.
Dapper Gentleman
It looks perfect with my Halloween tree! Which is also decorated in spooky Dotee dolls from Craftster swaps.
Halloween Tree 2011
She also made me a super sweet prim pumpkin garland. I was so excited to hang it up over one of the windows in the living room I didn't take any great photos! Here is one of the cute little pumpkins. They all are different shapes with different faces and all hand sewn!
Pumpkin Garland
I'm so happy to have my house decorated for Halloween!


Digital Misfit said...

Awesome! I love that very distinguished raven! (ps: that is some crappy lighting, or my monitor is wonky, because that frame looks pink and blue to me, not purple and orange and black! LOL)

Jaclyn T said...

Nice! I love the raven and your Hallowe'en tree!

Knickertwist said...

Love the tree!

AlwaysInspired said...

Thanks everyone! Yes terrible lighting as I was loosing daylight! Knicker, the witch you made is the tree topper!