Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Hand Made Ornies

I shared a couple of ornies last week, but today I felt in the mood to make more! It turns out I decided I wanted the ornies I sent out for the Trim the Tree Swap on Flickr to have a common thread. Don't get me wrong, I loved the pine cone and angel. I'm sure they will find loving homes anyway, but I wanted to send something different. I set about creating something this morning and three little ornies popped off my machine before lunch!
Linen Ornament Group
I was inspired by some small hoops I saw on one of my partners inspiration mosaic. I gave them my own twist and I love how they turned out.
Happy Holidays Bunting
I used my machines alphabet function to spell out Happy Holidays and a sweet little bunting of course.
Little Tree Ornie
Some little trees on a snowy hill.
Snowman Ornie
A little snowman all dressed for cold weather.
I think these turned out just how I wanted and now I can get them packaged up and sent! Oh, and no more thinking about Christmas until Halloween is over! :)


Digital Misfit said...

I love them! The bunting is so cute, and I am jealous of your machine's alphabet abilities.
Make me one with naughty words on it! LOL

Jaclyn T said...

Cute, cute, cute! The snowman is adorable!

--Jaclyn T
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