Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December 1st!

Still no new pics to share! I'll be sending out my swap packages soon and then I can share all the fun stuff I made, but until then you'll have to be content knowing that I really have been crafting! I finished my skirt for my Christmas outfit! It was definatly a learning process. I did make a practice one out of some fantastic vintage fabric that I love! I just need some fun tights and then I can wear it and share some pics!
Friday is the day for decorating! The Hubby has the day off and will get roped into helping me clean the house before I decorate. The weather is turning winter like here finally so I will be in the mood for some decorations and hot chocolate!
I've also started some of my gifts for the season. My little sister's American Girl doll showed up today so I started making her a few outfits to include in the case we bought for her. I'll have pics of her in some outfits soon!
Happy December!

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Hello there! My name is June said...

Now you can upload the photos! I'm going to blog about your package...it is absolutely stunning ...all of it!