Saturday, December 12, 2009

My IYP Goodies from I Sew Cute

Yesterday I recieved a wonderful package from I Sew Cute (June)! The cutest little jewlery box filled to the brim with fantastic stuff! She also made me some homemade lollipops which are very delicious!
Two rings, a star, and a round one with a skully in it. Five necklaces! A purple glittler heart, candy sprinkle heart, little deer in the snow, one with my name in it, and one with my user name (AlwaysInspired)! I love them all so much! I 'm wearing the one with my user name in it tomorrow and I've already worn the star ring and deer. Thanks June, for making this a wonderful IYP!

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Hello there! My name is June said...

Awesome awesome awesome!!! So happy that I made things that you can wear all the time & rotate out! I love making custom pieces & had a blast with this swap!