Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tree 2009

Tree 2009
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Here is our wonderful tree! We get a real tree every year. The hubby picked it out this year. I usually fuss over bare spots and needle loss, but this year he walked right to this tree and exclaimed, "this one!" I just couldn't argue, even thought I thought it was going to end up being way to big for the space. It cuts down the walk way, but I can get over that as it is so pretty! If you want to see it more lit up check out flickr.


Digital Misfit said...

I love your tree - so full and HUGE.

Pretty Things said...

I love your tree!

Lauren said...

It looks great! My husband picked out our tree this year too but it was still bound up when we got it. It turned out to be the most round, wide, fat tree we've ever had, I think it's going to require extra lights!

AlwaysInspired said...

We bought an extra string of lights for ours too!