Sunday, March 7, 2010

Finally, Somthing I Can Share!

After having nothing to share for a long time I can finally share the things I worked so hard on for the IYP swap over on! The stuff arrived at it's home yesterday and is being much loved.

First off Mindy collects Raggedy Ann stuff. I couldn't not make her an Annie! She is a one of a kind. I didn't make a pattern, just drew the shapes onto fabric and went from there. Annie is tea stained muslin with hand painted features and tea stained vintage fabric clothing. Her hair is hand spun yarn I received in another swap on Craftster.

If you 'd like to see a picture of Annie's undies jump on over to flickr!

This is Nee'Lahn the tree nymph. She was another part of Mindy's package! Mindy loves trees and I just so happened to be reading a wonderful book with a tree nymph in it! I based her on the character. Nee'Lahn holds a mama bird that I sculpted from paper clay. A tiny wee nest sits in her hair with an egg. She has a vine necklace with a sculpted acorn as well. I am so in love with her little red capped mushroom shoes! They were so much fun to make! Nee'Lahn is a modified poppet with my inset eye technique. If you'd like to see many more pics of her from different angles feel free to browse my flickr stream.
This is only part of Mindy's package, but I think I'll save the next couple of things to share tomorrow!


Digital Misfit said...

Annie and Nee'Lahn are incredible!
Annie is so sweet and huggable, and Nee'Lahn is so beautifully detailed.

Barbara/myth maker said...

They are both wonderful, but I especially like Nee'Lahn.. she is so original.

AlwaysInspired said...

Thanks! Each of my dolls have their own personalities and it makes it so easy to give them tons of details.

Hello there! My name is June said...

Holy moley! They are both wonderful! I'm loving the nostalgic Annie... she's got her own charm & makes me want to hug her! Nee'Lahn is pure magic! I love her colors...the pose & those gorgeous eyes you do! She's a real work of dolly art!


BTW...I've got your fabric package... it's been a heck of a week & meant to get back to you so much sooner on that! I still have to mail yours! I'll be picking your brain soon for ideas...after the hubs gets back from China.

Riechan said...

those are lovely! I especially like the nimf . Can't wait to see more of the things you send ^^

Deborah said...

The dolls are awesome. You have a nice blog!