Monday, March 8, 2010

More IYP!

I shared the dolls I made for Mindy in the IYP yesterday, but I thought today I'd share the other goodies I sent! I made her this patchwork belt from some Amy Butler fat quarters I've been hanging on to. It was so much fun to make I have one in the works for myself!

I also created this blue silk rose hair clip. It is on a snap clip so if she doesn't want to wear it in her hair it can be snapped onto a purse or somewhere else.

Mindy really liked some art I did a while back with fish. I decided turtles were the way to go! I appliqued fabric turtles onto heavy duty watercolor paper and then did the background with chalk pastels. Mindy said she has a frame for it! I can't wait to see it all framed up.
Last, but not least I had some fun with black shrinky and made this cute little mermaid pendant. I also made the necklace with brass chain, findings, and pearls.

I have need to get pics still of a wonderful package Woodland_Faerie sent me, but with work I just never have time with sunlight to get pics! Maybe tomorrow morning before work if it isn't foggy!


Riechan said...

love the rose!!! I LOVE blue roses!the necklace is gorgeous too. That must have been a pain to cut out?

AlwaysInspired said...

Cutting the shrinky wasn't bad. I have a pair of tiny scissors I use for paper cuts and shrinky.
I love the rose too! That silk was a pleasure to work with.

ckchan said...

Love the stuff! We need to pair up again for the IYP and swap bigger packages. ;)