Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Whimsy Mermie

I finished up my whimsy mermaid from the M3 class on Ning last night! My main mermaid painting is still a WIP, but I finished this one up just in time to give it as a gift to a Great Aunt that is having her Birthday today!
It was so much fun to work on the wood and then add the wax! I want to do a few more on wood like this!
Whimsy Mermie
Please ignore the dog tail! He refused to get out of the window for me to take the picture and then proceeded to give me dirty looks for doing so.
Here is a close up of the face! This was so much fun! I love the whimsy style.
Whimsy Mermie Close Up
I'm hoping it is loved by the new owner as much as I loved creating it!


Barbara said...

Just beautiful! I love it and you are so talented. I'm wanting to take some ning classes myself but I'm afraid it will have to wait awhile. You've certainly learned a lot!

Hugs XX

Jaclyn Trecartin said...

I really enjoy the paper crown.

Brenda said...

How beautiful. I love it and also the background, wonderful.

Digital Misfit said...

She is beautiful. Love the added dimension with the beeswax and tissue.