Sunday, February 6, 2011

WIP Sunday: Crazy Rails and Angel Faces

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! Sadly I don't even know who won or lost the game as I was sewing away happily!
I was sewing away on a quilt for me! It is gaudy and crazy and a bit like me. I bought the fabric AGES ago off of the clearance rack at the local quilt shop. The entire quilt top fabric cost me $13! I also bought the backing from the clearance rack and it cost around $15! I'm using the triple rail fence pattern and I've been calling the quilt "Path to Enlightenment". It has Buddhas peeking out from some of the rails and the backing fabric is that same fabric.
A sneak peek at the gaudy goodness!
My Crazy Rail Quilt WIP
I'm also working on the Mucha inspired angels for this weeks M3 lesson. My background is done and I'm watching the vids on drawing the angel and girl. I plan on this representing me and my sister and giving it to her framed when it is done. It just totally reminded me of us.
My sketches so far.
Week 3 M3 WIP
I'm also going to work on the extra giveaway gift for the OWOH because I'm almost to 300 comments! Yay!


Digital Misfit said...

That quilt top is going to be gaudy-fabulous! I love the little Buddha faces peeking.
I cannot wait to see this M3 angel piece finished. You are doing such beautiful work in Tam's class.

Brenda said...

Don't you just love a bargain! Loving your sketch - I'm sure your sister will love it too.