Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Sister's Love

Here is my week 3 assignment for the class I'm taking on Ning with Tam! You can click the button in my side bar for more info on the class.
Our week three inspiration was the famous artist Mucha. Our mythical inspiration was angels. As soon as I saw Tam's piece for this week's assignment I knew it had to be a gift for my little sister. I felt the sisterly love in the piece and let that flow into my own piece as much as I could. Most people took at as a mother and child, but since I'm not a mom yet (besides my fur baby!) I felt the love I have for my little sis.

A Sister's Love

So I know you are saying, "umm angels.... Where are the wings?" She has invisible wings I say! It is mixed media using water color crayons, graphite, stamps and ink, and acrylic paint. I went with cool colors and warm feelings. The decorated background is supposed to be reminiscent of Mucha's elaborate style. The little girl is holding two feathers to represent my little sister who is now 10. When she was still in the womb she received the nickname of Two Feathers as a nod to her Native American heritage.
A Sister's Love Close Up
A close up of the faces that I'm getting to be so happy with! I'm still struggling a bit with eyes, but I can see myself getting better and better with practice.
This week's assignment is mermaids!


Digital Misfit said...

It is a beautiful piece. Sis must adore it. You are really ROCKING this course!

Audio said...

So pretty! The colors are amazing! And your faces are beautiful!

Barbara said...

Oh I love what you've done! I want to take the course too, but can't afford it just yet. You are really doing a great job though.

Hugs XX

Knickertwist said...

It's really lovely :)

affectioknit said...

Sweet sisters!

Kira said...

Beautiful. The hair is so swirly and perfect! I love it :)