Sunday, February 13, 2011

WIP Sunday: Bind Bind Bind!

So this Sunday's adventure is finishing up the binding on the skully Valentine! The Hubby still has no clue about it so I'm waiting patiently for him to leave for work so I can finish up binding the last side! No photos yet, but it will get it's own post.

The next binding project is this sweet little paper pieced mug rug for my best crafty pal Heidi. She will be getting it in a box full of wonderfulness soon! It was my 2nd go at paper piecing and I had a blast!
WIP Sunday: Sew Mug Rug

I'm also still working on the quilt of craziness! I have all the blocks made in to rows and have 2 of the rows sewn together, but it has been put on hold until the skully quilt is finished in time for Valentine's Day! Happy crafting!

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