Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jacques The French Sailor

I sent a package to my friend Heidi (Digital Misfit) a while back and wanted to share what I made her. I thought she might be getting lonely without some male companionship so I mailed her a boyfriend! His name is Jacques and he is a handsome French sailor. I mean come on, who wouldn't fall in love with that mustache!
Jacques The French Sailor

Look how dashing he is!
Jacques Close Up
I must make more of these mustachioed gentlemen!


kittykill said...

I'm pretty sure I need this. Adorable.

Digital Misfit said...

He is a fabulous boyfriend. He does not snore, steal the covers, or fart in bed. Plus that moustache is just the best!

Jaclyn T said...

So good-lookin'!