Tuesday, June 21, 2011

WIP Sunday: Never Fear, I Am Here!

I'm still here waging wars on the never ending weeds and trying to catch up on so much neglected house work. Another section of the back yard was completed and I'll be taking photos soon to share. The house is getting cleaner by the minute, except the poor crafty space! It was never fully put back together after the remodel and it is just a giant pit of despair now. :( I'll get to it all in good time.

In the mean time between weed battles I've been teaching and taking a few classes at the art center. I taught a clay toad house class, where the kids used clay to construct a mushroom style house that will be fired and painted to put in the yard as decor. Maybe a few toads will move in!
My little sister made the front page of our local news paper while sculpting her house.
Such a serious sculptor!

I'm also taking a stained glass class again. This time it is an adult and child class. So my sister and I are attending together and I get to help her along in making a sun catcher. Of course I get to make one too.
Gnome In Process
Here is my sun catcher in progress! A gnome from a wonderful book that Heidi (Digital Misfit) sent me ages ago. I brought mine home to work on since I don't get much done in class other than helping my sister, but that's ok I've done it before and know the process.

So I'm busy. Very busy! I have to start taking a bit more crafty time for me though!

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Digital Misfit said...

Yay! So glad that you are slowly coming back to life!
Sis looks so adorable in that pic.
I can't wait to see the gnome suncatcher - it is nice that one of us is finally making use of that fabulous book!
hugs! You have been missed :D